I met Dylan in 2017 when he produced a video about me for the Department of Justice National Crime Victim Rights Week Award.  I had no idea what to expect when he contacted me.  Dylan made it easy.  He guided me on preparing for film day. When he arrived at my office that morning, I watched as he brought order to chaos.  I found Dylan calm, confident and professional; a genuinely nice guy who got the job done. When the production was unveiled at the awards ceremony in Washington DC, I was so pleased.  He made me look good!

Captain Michael Holt

Jackson, TN Police Department

It has been my pleasure to know and work with Dylan Comstock for several years now. Dylan and I have worked together on several location video productions, and I can attest to his professionalism and commitment to the projects at hand. Dylan has always been on time and accurate with all information regarding logistics, call sheets and schedules. And he has always handled clients, talent, and crew with the utmost respect and concern. Dylan, in my opinion has the qualities of an “old school” producer. He has always found the balance on shoots to keep production value high and budgets on track, while not running the crew into the ground. As a location sound mixer I am usually not the most important person on set, but Dylan is very approachable and is always interested in my input. I feel he actually cares for my craft, and wanting the best possible outcome for his clients he makes time for all the crew to get there concerns met before we roll. The sign of a true professional. I also like the fact that Dylan is very low drama, he keeps the shoots light and fun, even if it’s a serious subject matter. Most of us got into this end of the entertainment business because it’s fun and exciting, Dylan certainly generates that vibe on set. I look forward to working with Dylan again, and can recommend him without reservation for your next video production.

Christopher Barbieri

Location Sound Mixer, Cristo Production Services, Denver

"Always a pleasure working with Dylan. He is professional and detailed”

“Dylan takes the time to make sure to get all the elements needed for good storytelling.”

“Dylan fed us lunch, so that was good.”

Breck Larson

Cinematographer/Producer/Director/Editor, Breck Larson Productions, Denver

Dylan travelled from out of state to produce a video about the great work of my organization after we were selected to win a national award. To ensure proper planning prior to the production date, Dylan reached out to me with a detailed agenda with what I could expect and also inquired about the available space he had to work with. On the date of the production, Dylan arrived promptly with a locally-contracted video crew and got straight to work. Dylan seemed to have done his research on our organization and demonstrated a good grasp of our organization’s purpose and role. Dylan’s friendly and professional nature put my staff at ease which made the interview process/video production easier and more relaxed. By asking engaging and pointed questions, he was able to elicit honest, organic answers to really highlight the work that we do in order to make an interesting and accurate video. He offered great ideas on a variety of shots speaking to his experience and skill in creating a professional and compelling product. We were all happy with the final video and were amazed at the amount of information that was conveyed in the short two-minute window of time! Given the chance, we would definitely work with Dylan again.

Kirstin Flores, Esq.

Executive Director, Office of Victim Services at Arizona Attorney General's Office

Dylan Comstock is one of the most professional, thorough and seasoned producers I have had the honor to work with. He has a unique ability to clearly communicate and project a positive approach in everything he does. From the time, we received the call sheet until he called wrap on the last day of the project, Dylan’s attention to detail regarding all aspects of production, including schedule, locations, on camera talent, his ability to articulate his overall vision of the story and deal with any unforeseen production issues, was outstanding. A true people-person, demonstrating a great deal of compassion especially during a tough interview regarding a missing loved one, Dylan made the family members and crew feel at ease with the subject matter and process. I look forward to working with Dylan again soon.

Eric Legnon

Production Audio Engineer

I have had the pleasure of working with Dylan on numerous projects over the past five years. We have been in remote areas with truckers (fighting human trafficking) to interviewing professors at highly regarded Universities. Dylan is prepared in every aspect of production, regardless of the demands of the shoot. There have been occasions where a location has not worked out for unforeseen reasons, and Dylan has adjusted on the fly without hesitation. If you are looking for a Producer with creative vision, production knowledge, people skills and the ability to deliver a project on time, I would highly recommend Dylan Comstock.

Jeff Scott


On February 13, 2018, I had the distinct pleasure of working with Dylan Comstock during the filming of a tribute video for the 2018 National Crime Victims’ Week Awards Ceremony. Even before I met Dylan in person, I could see he was a person who continually attained goals. This was revealed by his diligently work ethic during the preparation of filming. Dylan was in continuous contact with me by providing me with updates as he was securing locations for filming.

When I finally met Dylan on the day of shooting, he was very pleasant and arrived with everything needed to complete the project in the allotted time available. Dylan and his crew were very professional, and had plenty of great ideas during our time together. Dylan thoroughly explained the process of filming and asked appropriate questions during the interview portion. It was clear from the beginning of filming that Dylan thought about the “big picture”, for he was quick to overcome any issues that arose.

On April 12, 2018, I saw the finished product for the very first time. Even though I do not like to see myself in pictures or on video, I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the video turned out. I was not embarrassed to see myself on the screen and was very happy with the overall results of Dylan’s hard work and dedication in making a professional grade video. I am thankful for the experience and opportunity to work with Dylan, and would not hesitate to work with him again. I would like to thank Dylan for his guidance and expertise throughout this process.

Kevin Rivers

Detective, Gila River Police Department